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Welcome, member!

The National Association of Workplace Programs believes those who work hard deserve the very best.
Living well is a process involving many considerations and factors.

This process is at the heart of NAWP. We strive to provide the tools and services necessary to help promote a climate centered around health and wellness. We're all about helping our members live their fullest, healthiest lives possible. As an NAWP member, you can use exclusive benefits and discounts to help control medical costs and improve you and your family's life.

Please take time to look over your Membership Benefit Guide -- it goes over your membership perks in detail.

If you have more questions, we are happy to help.

A Snapshot of Your Membership Perks:

  • Identity Theft Protection
  • 401K(i) Policy
  • 24-Hour Nurse Line
  • $10,000 Term Life Insurance
  • Discounts on Diabetic Supplies
  • Sleep Apnea Testing
  • Discounts on Prescriptions
  • Much More

Click here to view or download your Membership Benefit Guide.

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